The original soundtrack from the film is available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on an LP record.

Cosmic Birth Original Soundtrack on Vinyl
5000 ISK / 40 USD / 38 EUR

Email to pre-order.
LP + Framed ‘Mama Earth’ artwork by Dušana Pavlovičová for 9500 ISK

All music is composed and performed by Framfari & Ósi á Borg.
Recording engineer and Mastering by Borgar frá Brúum.
All music recorded in Iceland at Studio Brúar, Studio Medicine & outside in the Icelandic nature.

Other musicians who joined the making of the soundtrack:
Jakob Pálmi Pálmason (Kossi)
Martyna Kotarska
Martje Sara Lotje

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released 15th of January 2020